It was love at first sight when I saw paintings by Helen Frankenthaler for the very first time a few years ago at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Spontaneously harmonized fluid shapes, abstract masses and lyrical gestures of colors and brush strokes in her paintings brought me peace of mind and evoked feelings of joy.

I wanted to express that emotion with color palette and movement from her paintings into COMMON ODDS spring summer 20 with emphasis on colors, textures and contrast stitchings while keeping COMMON ODDS signature silhouette and aesthetic.

Lucia Japanese denim shirt.

Sol Japanese denim pants.

Joan Japanese denim top.  Ad Japanese denim skirt.

Every canvas is a journey all its own.

- Helen Frankenthaler

Roni Italian vegan leather jacket

Stella Italian vegan leather sleeveless shirt.

Sophie Italian vegan leather pants

Hans vegan leather blazer. Sophie vegan leather pants

Elliott organza shirt. Bridget belted pants

Elliott iridescent shirt.

Mitchell top. Bridget belted pants

Stella sleeveless shirt. Bridget belted pants.

Lucia shirt. Bridget belted pants in navy

Isa pullover top. Marie belted double pleat pants

Ray sleeveless top. Marie belted double pleat pants

Charlotte dress.

 Eileen pleat dress.

Janet organza blazer. Bridget belted pants.

Yves pleated sleeve shirt. Leah side pleat pants.

Lina wrap dress.

Mitchell top.

Luo water repellent parka.

Jasper water repellent trench coat.

Photography and Art direction
Sue S. Jung
Make up and Hair
Juliet Jane
Vaughan Ollier at APM
Matilda Lowther at Heroes